Dynamik Druck

10 Reasons

If you’re looking for printed goods in superior quality, Dynamik Druck is your happy place. Large format printing, all kind of finishings as well as an in-house letterpress machine and bookbindery : This bunch of dedicated craftsmen got it all. Plus a free smile on top!

And with all these possibilities and know-how ready to hand, it would almost be a crime no to get the best out of it to promote Dynamik’s own services. So every now and then, we grab the chance to team up and create unusual printed matter that let the world know about the exceptional service of this printing house.

Like the packaging design for „The Needle in the Haystack“ for example, a mailing box sent to potential clients that contained a test tube filled with 300 shreds (the approximate number of printing companies in Hamburg). Now go guess which of these paper snippets stood out of the mass.