Corporate Design


At Hamburg’s Yoon-Ji, Jason Lee ties together all his favorite flavors of Asian cuisine. Flavors that the New York-raised Chef felt in love with on the street markets of Korea Town, Little Tokio and China Town. Through his experience as a chef in star cuisine, Jason adds an extra touch of finesse to street food classics. So what you’ll find here might be some of the best Ramen, Kimchi, Fried Chicken and Bao Buns you’ll ever have.

Yoon-Ji is the Korean translation of Heidi, the name of Jason’s daughter. It therefore seemed as a natural fit to make an illustration of noodle-slurping Yoon-Ji the restaurant’s trademark. In addition, a geometric sans-serif with sharp edges and wide letterspacing gives the Latin letters an Asian appeal. On this basis we developed the overall corporate design consisting of business cards, website, menu card and shop signs.