Medium is the Massage

When Berlin-based production company Markenfilm Berlin approached us to give their office entrance a little facelift, we decided to pay tribute to philosopher Marshall McLuhan by reinterpreting his famous phrase “The Medium is the Message”. McLuhan’s concern being to focus on the medium itself rather than the content it carries, his quote provided a perfect starting point for us to develop an artwork that brings together all sorts of materials: Spray paint, wood, neon tubes as well as paper were applied in order to communicate the message in a fresh and cheerful way. NOTE: The first edition of McLuhan’s publication from 1967 came back from the typesetter with a typing error, turning the original title “The Medium is the Message” into “The Medium its the Massage”. When McLuhan became aware of it, he exclaimed, ‘Leave it alone! It’s great, and right on target!’ Now there are possible four readings for the last word of the title, all of them accurate: Message and Mess Age, Massage and Mass Age.” The “accidental” title has since then been adopted for the follow-up editions and we decided to stick with it as well, to keep alive the spirit of Mr. McLuhan. Special thanks to Mo Cohen and Gingko Press for kindly approving the use of the protected book title.