Visual Identity, Print & Digital Media


Alexander Wieck and his crew have been a driving force of Hamburg’s club scene for the past 20 years. And we’ve supported their events by giving them a distinct look for just as long. Regular underground events in changing locations eventually evolved into a new project in 2008. With the birth of moondoo, things were taken one step further.

Located right in the middle of St. Pauli’s infamous Reeperbahn, the odd timbered-house had previously hosted a hippodrome as well as The Beatles. A glamorous history that we all felt had to be continued.

With the ambitious claim “the renaissance of club culture“ in mind, we developed a visual identity that embodies elegance while not failing to connect to the urban, subcultural aspect of the musical offering.

Today, over a decade later, the party is still going. In other words: plenty of opportunities for us to create posters and invitations, experimenting with techniques and finishings like screenprinting, lasercut or embossing.