TWO WHEELS GOOD X erste liebe bar


A true busy bee, Fabian Heine is the initiator of numerous successful projects. The erste liebe Bar for instance, a popular coffee and lunch spot located at Hamburg’s Michaelisbrücke. But also the erste liebe film production and Two Wheels Good, a bike shop and promoter of urban mobility concepts.

When we were given the opportunity to merge these ventures, we didn’t have to think twice. Following the motto “I feel good today” we developed a wall installation for the erste liebe bar. A cheerful lettering which adds to the inviting atmosphere of the bar. Furthermore, it draws attention to the bike specialists of Two Wheels Good by using a quality road bike as the focal point.

With our creative minds being given free reign, realizing this project has been great fun. And it seems like we’re not the only one delighted by the outcome: Besides countless imitations of the artwork to be found online today, our original got featured as the official splash screen of the Adobe Muse app.

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